Saturday, 1 February 2014

M.E. - "One step forward, four steps back!"


A quick update before I go to bed... I managed to stay up for 12 hours without going to sleep in between though I have had a couple of lie downs!

As we speak, I'm very tired and my legs are very achy and my brain is functioning pretty slow...

I'm sure most of you will relate to me when I say this.... Regarding each day - There has never been a truer saying than "One step forward, two steps back" although in my case it tends to be "One step forward, four steps back!"

When we have a "good" day we tend to overdo it due to being so excited that we can actually function properly to an extent. In fact it's probably the adrenaline that the excitement brings on that creates payback!

It's a very difficult situation, there are things that "have" to be done despite how good or bad you might feel and especially at a young age you feel like there's so much to do that you might not get the chance to do again...

A bad habit of mines tends to be leaving all my tasks until evening! I genuinely feel unable to do most of these tasks during morning/afternoon - in fact, morning doesn't really exist for me anymore! There's a pattern that has evolved: If I get up before 10am then my fatigue/aches is worse throughout the day. Unfortunately it's not always possible to stay in bed till 10am... I really hate it if I'm honest, I was always an early bird, I love the idea of having a productive morning going into a more relaxing afternoon/evening.

Anyway - I'm rabbiting on and I need some sleep!

Church in the morning... It pains me to say this but I've got to the point where I dread church, not because I dislike it, I'm a devout Christian. The reason I have come to dread Sunday morning is because it involves me getting up earlier, socializing with bad brain fog/aches and by afternoon I have to lie down and next thing I know, it's evening!

Hope you're all having a better weekend than me! ;)

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