Friday, 31 January 2014

M.E. - Typical Payback

Hello all!

Well, the good news is that I haven't had to leave the house all day... however! The bad news is that I've been energyless all day!

It just goes to show that when you have a good day like I did on Wednesday, you will pay for it at some point afterwards!

The last 2 days have consisted of lots of lying down and well... not much else!

It's currently 18:50 and I'm due to make tea in about an hour - lets hope it's not too strenous...

I'd like to get my vocal workout done but it might be aiming a little too far to attempt some songs... very gentle exercise and maybe 10 minutes on the piano.

Tomorrow I will be meeting a friend for coffee, something I haven't done much of recently due to either not being up to it or pre-planned arrangements.

Lets hope that tomorrow is a better day!

Barry x

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