Wednesday, 29 January 2014

M.E. - WRAG group drama

Hello there!

1st of all, I have my car back though it's costing me £400 - ouch!

2nd of all, I crashed out for half an hour at 12pm but despite that I had a very good day... very good in the fact I felt relaxed it had been very productive for me. I updated my blogs, I got bits of leisure activity in there, I cooked tea, did a gentle workout and read a book in bed which I haven't done for a while... having said that, I was in bed around 11pm and didn't get up this morning till past 10am!!! Must have needed it!

Right, onto today...

Well it really is beyond belief... As you probably know, I had to attend a Work-Related Activity Group today to help me prepare to get back into work despite being unable to health wise. So I got to the place for 11am and when I arrived, I spoke to a lady who said they were closed today... Bit of an awkward silence... Apparently I wasn't even on their system?! On my letter it had a London address which I thought was surely a misprint but in fact it wasn't a misprint! My appointment was actually down in London... For those who don't know, I live in a little town called Southport near Liverpool! A few things I couldn't get my head around... 1st of all, it was confirmed the location of this appointment on the phone and face to face... 2nd of all the letter that was sent out to me saying I had an appointment in London was sent to a PR postcode... and I'm pretty sure most people would know that PR is a Preston postcode so surely someone would have twigged on before sending the letter out? Obviously not!

So anyway, I'm being sent another letter in the post asap to arrange another appointment!

Do you ever feel like the World is against you sometimes?!... Well the Government more like...

Hope you're all having a better day than I am so far!

Barry x

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