Thursday, 30 January 2014

M.E. - The Dentist

Hello all!

Well today hasn't been a great day... I think the last couple of days have caught up with me. I had the dreaded trip to the dentist in the morning! Not because I was worried about having anything done but because it involves me driving into town and walking a shortish distance! Anyway... the dentist told me I was looking after my teeth very well - that's another benefit to a healthy diet... healthy teeth, as long as you brush them too of course! He always asks me about my M.E. and is understanding so it's great that someone on the outside world actually understands... no explaining needs to be done! :)

I was finished late morning, went home and pretty much crashed out on my bed... watched a little bit of t.v. and made all my meals and buy early evening time I had crashed out again, this time for around 2 hours at a guess... I woke up around 8.30pm so my tea was quite late!

Anyway, lets hope tomorrow is a better day... maybe I won't have to leave the house!!

Hope you've all had a great day...

Barry x

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