Sunday, 9 February 2014

M.E. - Deteriorating Friendships

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days!

Say, as the title says... Deteriorating Friendships...

It's such a common problem with M.E. sufferers or any Chronic Illness sufferers in general. It's not until recently that I've noticed a change.

Since I was diagnosed last January, friends haven't really questioned me and I thought everything was fine. I was a little upset that they didn't ask how I was but appreciate they were still acting as normal and not holding my illness against me. Really, why should I be appreciative? It sounds like I should be honoured that people still want to know me... Surely that's not right?

Anyway, over the last few months in particular I've been seeing my friends less and less. I've not been able a lot of the time, bedbound for long periods over Christmas but of course everyone gets lazy over Christmas don't they!! I'm just being lazy, of course I'd rather be in bed than out spending time with friends and getting some fresh air, makes sense doesn't it?! Not...

I mentioned on my last post (or the one before) about some comments made to me on New Years Eve. It upset me but then he's probably just very uneducated about what M.E. is... lets give him the benefit of the doubt, a bit cocky but bite your lip sort of guy...

It turns out a much closer friend doesn't believe I really have M.E. too, of course he hasn't approached me about this. In fact I haven't heard a peep out of him since that night... Shows what a slip of the tongue can do... I didn't hear what he was saying and it could have been misinterpreted sure... but thinking back over the past year, how often has this supposed close friend messaged me/called me to see how I am? I could very easily count that on 1 hand. Innocent remarks that totally disregard my illness. So much more, but why go into it?

M.E. is terrible for thoughts, it enables you to think more than you've ever thought before, that includes dwelling on every comment made to you, becoming an anxious wreck and feeling embarrassed when lagging behind because you can't keep up anymore...

One thing is for sure, M.E. eventually can make you VERY thick skinned, if not then how could you survive? So many against you when you've done nothing wrong. Feelings of guilt because you've fallen ill - it's all our fault isn't it!

I can understand people not wanting to read up about M.E. if you're going to come to conclusions about others who have it, DO YOUR RESEARCH! Stop jumping on the bandwagon and realise how selfish you're coming across...

This isn't a rant, these are thoughts and emotions that I know every Chronic Illness sufferer experiences.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I have many qualifications, finding a job isn't a problem for me... medical experts have diagnosed me with this illness, are you saying they're wrong? Maybe I faked my appointments but of course medical experts could never see through that could they! Why would I want to fake it?

It's outrageous that the biggest challenge of this illness is trying to get "friends" to understand. If that is your mindset then I really don't want to know you!

Having said all that, I have some very supportive people in my life, they outnumber these narrow minded people without question.

Thanks for reading! ;)

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