Wednesday, 1 April 2015

My typical day!

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to share a picture with you that a friend had shared on facebook. I feel like this picture summarises my life at the moment very well.

Every morning is a massive struggle because I'm exhausted. It's the worst time of day for me. The pain is at its worst and my brain is so foggy that my head keeps dropping.

If I've mustered up enough energy to rise and shine in the morning then I'm dying for a nap come afternoon. Having said that, I'm dying to nap even when I haven't had the energy to rise and shine in the morning.

It's impossible to get through the day without some sort of rest which means it's hard to sleep at night. Even when I'm shattered at night I can't sleep.

This pattern recycles itself daily and although some days are better, the pattern is still there.

I'm sure a lot of you can relate to this which is why I've shared it.

Hope you're all having bearable weeks x


  1. Hi Barry, Most people with ME,unless it is very mild, usually have to lie down multiple times a day, just to get through the day. But to get the sleep right is absolutely essential if you want to see any improvement, even if you have to take a sleep hypnotic[ immovane, etc] to do so. And it doesn't have to be forever. Sleep hynotics are not addictive and can be very useful.xx

    1. Thank you, will check them out. I have taken sleeping pills years ago but they never had any effect. Will have a look after food, very late I know! xx

  2. Another of symptoms we share in common. To the max.

    1. Very frustrating isn't it! Hope you're having a pain free day today :)