Saturday, 20 September 2014

Barry's M.E. Diary - Week 1 plus latest WRAG update!

Hello everyone!

Hope you're all having a fabulous weekend so far...

This post is to tell you about a new series I am doing on youtube... a series that I hope will raise more awareness for this chronic illness...

You can see what it's called in the title of this post! Pretty self explanatory but I'll give you a run down anyway. The series will be updated weekly keeping you all up to date on how my weeks are going M.E. wise including activities I've done and what symptoms I've bee experiencing. Through my new book, I have a growing following on twitter so I see this as a perfect opportunity to get word out there.

Each week I will share the link in this blog. But before I send you the link, I want to update you on what happened at WRAG (Work Related Assessment Group) yesterday. P.S. If my writing isn't as fluent as usual, it's because Lucy rat kept sitting on the keyboard. They've returned to their cage now!

So... WRAG... well, it didn't happen! My appointment was at 9:45am and as soon as I got there I found a piece of paper stuck to the door. Apparently the office was closed! A couple turned up at the same time so I had to take charge of the situation... I led the way to where the piece of paper told us to go which was a few yards away in a different building. We got there and the lady in the office didn't have a clue what I was talking about despite being sent to this place. Anyway, we all returned to the original place where our appointments where meant to be. There was a mobile number which I rung as the couple I was with didn't speak very good English. I hate phone calls but sometimes it's got to be done!!! By this point, a group of around 5 people gathered round waiting for me to come off the phone... talk about pressure! I got the lady who I was meant to be seeing, she said they were in the other place but couldn't carry on with appointments... the keyhole to the office had been filled up with cement so no-one could get in! That meant the workers at a4e had no access to office phones or files. At first I was annoyed but then about a little thought, I found it quite amusing and as bad as this sounds I thought, good for whoever did it! Ha ha... Anyway, that was my amusement for Friday morning! Here's the link to the video:

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