Wednesday, 27 August 2014


Hello all, so here's the offer I was telling you about!
Considering my book hasn't had any real marketing, it's done pretty well so thank you to those who have bought it.
However, I'd like to raise even more awareness and raise more money for "Invest in ME".
I've decided that for 7 days, both paperback and kindle copies will be cheaper. Not only that, but ALL money made from sales during this period will to go "Invest in ME".
After the 7 days, I will round up the total raised to the nearest "0" and post it on here. I will also screenshot the screen when I make the donation.
I will post again when this offer starts and post around the M.E. groups on here and also on Twitter.
It is available in ALL countries too but here I will post links for the UK & US Amazon:
UK Paperback - £3.94
UK Kindle - £1.85
US Paperback - $6.55
US Kindle - $3.07
Lastly, share this post and tag people who you think would be interested.

Thank you everyone. The 7 days starts now so the offer ends this time next Tuesday (2nd September)!


  1. There is no such thing as "asperger's". Psychiatry itself is a bogus science. The following articles and essays explain this:

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    1. With all the greatest respect, I don't see how any of those links have anything to do whatsoever with Asperger Syndrome. Besides, this post focuses on the neurological illness "M.E." which suggests that your post is spam! :)