Saturday, 8 November 2014

A very SPECIAL OFFER for KINDLE users helping to raise Awareness for M.E.

Hello everyone... if you're a Kindle user then I have a very special offer for you which starts TOMORROW (Sunday 9th November) and ends on Thursday (13th November).

So what's the offer?

Well my first published book "A New ME" will be available in that time period for FREE!!! Not only that, but for every copy sold during that time period, I will personally donate 10p per purchase. The charity is the same as always, "Invest in ME".

What's the catch? There honestly is no catch although it would be much appreciated if you could leave the book a review on Amazon and even Goodreads if you use that.

Why am I doing this? Well it's not due to lack of sales, it's selling fairly steady at the moment. I'm just feeling kind... also, the more copies that are sold means the higher ranking the book will be on amazon. This is great for ME Awareness so even if you're not really interested in reading the book, purchase it for FREE.

Here are the links:

UK version:

US version:

Lastly, the book is available in ALL COUNTRIES and don't forget that the offer starts TOMORROW!!!

If you could share this post around then that would be great, I'll also be tweeting a lot about it on twitter if you want to follow me @bazmufc8491 and @BJEadvertise

Thanks for all your support!!! XXX


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  2. Thank you Barry, love Lynda Warnock x

    1. You're very welcome Lynda... hope you've been well as can be :) x