Thursday, 1 January 2015

Life Is Complicated: New Book Announcement!

Hello everyone and a very Happy New Year!

Mine didn't get off to the best start when I woke up just before midday though I must've needed the sleep!

A couple of posts ago I talked about what I wanted to achieve this year so I'm not going to mention my goals in this post.

One thing that is probably a few weeks away from being complete is my new book titled "Life Is Complicated: My journey with Asperger Syndrome". It's been hard writing it but will be very rewarding in the end. I think you'll like it and there's a lot more detail and humour added in. I think too if you're a neutral then you'll most likely prefer reading my 2nd book... that's if you like dry humour!

Here's 10 humorous quotes to keep you amused and these are handpicked from only 3 of the 15 chapters!

"My facial expressions didn't help either. I could have been singing a very up-tempo song but going by my face you'd think I was singing a ballad at a funeral"

"I love numbers but not the number 4"

"Being given ice cream with a spoon already in the bowl was a nightmare"

"Using my fingers as a gun with the thumb acting as a trigger shouting "bang, you're dead" didn't really get my adrenaline going much"

"A little bit of spit flew out of someone's straw when they were messing about and onto Ronald McDonald in the center of my birthday cake"

"It took me a while to grasp but I went the other way and started doing it all the time like a nodding dog. I was lucky I didn't get whiplash"

"If they're wearing a fluffy animal print coat then it might sway me"

"I made a point of shaking hands and then craftily as I saw down I might rub my hand on the chair or my trouser leg"

"People don't know if I'm being serious or not and that's part of the humour. It gives me that get out of jail card if I say something inappropriate"

"At least my forehead won't need ironing out in 20 years time unless I have a major mid-life crisis"

To help get word about about my new book, I'm giving all kindle users a chance to purchase my first book "A New ME" from the 3rd January to the 7th January for FREE. It's available in ALL countries too!

Above is the UK link.

Above is the US link.

Oh, and don't forget to share and leave a review!

Thank you.... 3rd January everyone!

Happy New Year!

Barry x

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