Friday, 19 December 2014

'DOMS' - A bad day...

Hello everyone,

I seem to have phases, one minute I update a blog a few times in a week and the next I haven't updated it in months! I guess I just update it when I feel I've got something mildly interesting to talk about...

Today has been a very bad day and it's followed a very particular pattern. I'm experiencing what is called 'DOMS', also known as delayed onset muscle soreness. I've not heard the term used much when relating to M.E. but it's a term I use a lot when talking about Personal Training though M.E. 'DOMS' is totally different...

For a start, the muscle pain is much more intense and to an extent, crippling. 'DOMS' experienced after a weights session at the gym doesn't mean you have to alter anything in your routine. You may feel a little sore in places but it's a good soreness and something you can work through.

When I experienced 'DOMS' after a weights session (before I had M.E.), I could still attend university lectures or an 8 hour shift at the pub shortly afterwards with no problem. Today, I've felt almost paralysed. The fatigue and muscle soreness has been so bad that I've not left my bed all day other than eating food.

Wednesday, my car wouldn't start which was very unfortunate. It's a mobility aid for me, I can't walk very far at all so this is the 3rd day I've been housebound now. I've been walking more without mobility aids but the after effects haven't gone away. There is still stiffness, pain and fatigue after any amount of walking. Anyway, my neighbour brought her car over on Thursday morning so I could use my jump leads and hopefully get the car going. The only problem was that for it to be possible, I had to turn my car around completely to get it in the right position. I knew I was doing far too much but there was no way round it, my mum wasn't strong enough to move the car and I could run off adrenaline for a short time. It took well over an hour and I could hardly walk afterwards.

I knew it was a silly thing to do and I did very little on Thursday, I still didn't feel 'terrible' but I wasn't well enough to be doing any jobs around the house, I took it very easy. Today however is a completely different story. I had a good 8 hours sleep and woke up with tingling pains all over, I've felt like this all day even after taking pain relief (don't think they've ever really had an effect) and even typing this is hurting the joints and muscles in my arms.

I've not been able to write any more on my new book and it's definitely going to be the new year that it'll be published. I want to make extra effort on this book as my grammar has been criticized a little in my last book and deservedly so. It's the content that matters after all though... my writing may seem disjointed but then so is my mind so it's a true reflection!

Anyway, I have to endure a 40 minute bus journey tomorrow to go and get my car, then it's a 20 minute drive home. Not good. My great great aunty is also in and out of hospital and I will be visiting her on Sunday after the church carol service. The overloaded schedule can't be helped but this is all a prime example of why I struggle at Christmas. Too much to do when you're limited.

Happy Christmas and bring on the New Year! I think...

Barry x

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