Monday, 14 April 2014

M.E. - WRAG group session 2

Hello! So first of all, I apologize for not updating my blog in so long! It's not been a great couple of months to be honest. For example, over the past weekend, I spent around 30/48 hours lying down on my bed! This week, I'm really trying to push myself (not too much) so be slightly more active. It's easier said than done as I'm sure you all know...

It's not a great start to the week, as you can see in the title I had to attend the WRAG group for a 2nd time. If you scroll back a bit, you'll see I posted after the 1st session. Tomorrow I'm at hospital for therapy so it's a very tiring couple of days!

So... WRAG group... well, I went along, waited about 10 minutes, spoke to the person I saw for about 5 minutes and then sat for around 20 minutes whilst they were typing on the computer.

What did we talk about for those 5 minutes bearing in mind it's meant to be an hour long session? (though I'm not complaining!) Well... very little actually. They were asking me what sort of work I wanted to be doing and of course, the answer is the same as it always has been. The thing I'm qualified in called Personal Training! I can't get my head around the next bit... They asked me if I'd heard of a group, something like active for life?! Anyway, it's something you ask your doctor and it's basically going along to see a trainer in a special gym who will personalize a program for you to help you get back to full fitness. ??????!!!!!!!! Not only did I find this insulting but I found it ridiculous. 1st of all, I'm a Personal Trainer! Why on earth would I want to be trained by someone else who is no more qualified than I am?! 2nd of all, working out with moderate M.E... I don't think so... Unless of course I want to make myself worse. I do very little at home and even that is pushing it, never mind a full gym workout!

Not for 1 minute am I blaming the person I saw, she even said that the Job Centre are on their backs asking what they're doing with these people in the WRAG group.

Anyway, the conclusion of our 'meeting' was that I'm going back in 2 weeks to complete my C.V. even though they said the one I gave them was fine, just needed to be adjusted for their purposes!

Also, when I'm at the hospital tomorrow, I need a report from my OT to state what they're doing with me just so when I have my next WRAG group meeting, they know what I can and can't do... in writing as they can't take my word for it...

So... if anyone else has any experiences of WRAG groups then leave a comment!

Thanks for reading...

Barry x


  1. The real problem is that WRAG gets all those who have been working, are now unfit to work, but have been told they are "fit to work" by ATOS.

    What on earth ARE they supposed to do with these people. They are not able to judge for themselves about their obvious illness and incapacity, so they have to make a pretense of making them better through training! Duh!

    I had one WRAG meeting. At the time I was still on sick leave from my teaching job and so was well qualified. I was also neither depressed nor lacking in confidence. They had courses for these, but I didn't fit. I was offered a crafting/painting course "to get me out" but it was voluntary as my ATOS assessment result had not come yet.

    Remarkably I was declared "fit to work" in the same week that my fourth Occupational Health appointment (work) declared me "unfit for work for the foreseeable future". I was told to contact my employers and return to work ASAP!! Duh!

    Challenged the decision - obviously, and was placed in Support Group, so spared any more WRAG. I can see how hard it must be for these Job Centre folk. I mean what would they do with me??

    A bit like with you - they suggest the training, just so they can offer you something and can tick a box that you are "on a course". They and you both know it won't make any difference to your ability to work.... Mad world.

    Keep well Barrry. Pacing is the answer. ;)

  2. Thanks Sally, sorry I've only just seen this! Google doesn't always notify me!

    I can relate to all of what you said... ridiculous!

    Thanks for commenting :)